Proyecto Barrilete

Proyecto Barrilete  is an after-school project for poor children in Guadalupe, León. These children often come from families with drug or alcohol problems, or have parents in prostitution or working on the streets, and for this reason can not help them with their homework after school. In many cases their parents have left the country to work in Costa Rica or other places, and the children are left with their grandmother or other relatives. The children come to Barrilete to eat lunch, learn, play and to get help with their school assignments.

Lately, because of increasing problems in their homes, many children are sleeping in Barrilete also. This has increased the costs of running the project, as they have had to buy beds, sheets, pillows etc. and also offer breakfast and dinner to the children, in addition to the lunch that was already offered to them. They also have to take care of these children´s medical needs which is becoming a big cost for the project, as several of the children suffer from chronic respiratory diseases in addition to other problems. This has also led to that the project manager, Maria, has to live at the project to take care of the children. There are about 15 children sleeping in Barrilete every night.

Barrilete is a fast-growing project that supports over 150 poor children, and they are therefore in great need of volunteers and support.

We support Barrilete by helping them raise money, organise events and coordinate volunteers.

Opening hours:  08-12 (youngest children)  and 14-17.30 (older children)

Address: Del INO Guadalupe, una cuadra al sur, dos cuadras abajo

To contact Barrilete directly you can call Maria: 86935663 or write her on her e-mail:

Volunteers should speak spanish to be able to communicate with the children and the leaders of the organisation.

Photos: Marthe Kalleklev

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