About us

It has taken decades for Nicaragua to become a tourist destination; our organization is the result of many life journeys that have started, crossed, developed and still live in contact with the Land of Lakes and Volcanos.

My personal journey into Ecotourism started with that of a man who was born in a farm near Momotombo Volcano, became a medical doctor in Nicaragua and a surgery specialist in New York, fought a Dictatorship from young age and became a leader in a Revolution and in Nicaragua´s incipient democracy.

From whatever job he was doing at the time, as Doctor, Professor, Viceminister, Dean, Mayor, Congressman or Head of the university, he was always the friend who inspired us to care for people and become passionate for nature and outdoor activities.

In 2008, our last Journey together took us to the Mayagna people in a National University mission, deep into the Nicaraguan Rainforest, by plane, road, foot and canoe I had the chance, once more, to witness in action a man of great knowledge and wisdom, generosity and humility, prestige and honesty, good humor and curiosity. He was my father.

From him we inherited a lifetime of experiences into the Nicaraguan outdoors, from sea level to every volcano, rivers and lagoons, not only in geographical trips but in journeys to meet people and make life lasting friendships. 

We wish our work to be a tribute and continuation of Dr. Sampson´s Sr (1941-2009) dream; to build a better country for all the Nicaraguans, its nature and ecosystems, a nation we can be proud of and for the international visitor to enjoy or even come to live in.

We aim to participate actively in improving the living conditions of Nicaraguans, promote social change and the protection of the environment as a socially responsible company working in Ecotourism.

– Rigo Sampson Jr.


3 thoughts on “About us

  1. Verne and Susan Walton

    Rigo I got your note on the front of my IPad but when I replied to rsampson@ubw.com.ni it was kicked back? Do you have a new email address or contact info? I just Googled this up. Verne

  2. Sandra Davila de Sampson

    Querido hijo que bello y exacto tu pensamiento escrito definiendo la personalidad de tu padre,estoy segura de que vos como su hijo mayor lo representas muy bien y seguis tratando de impulsar sus ideales,por lo cuales lucho toda su vida,me siento muy orgullosa de vos y me gusto mucho lo que escribistes acerca de su vida,en este 14 de enero fecha real de su nacimiento,me senti muy unida con todos ustedes,porque hoy todos sus hijos lo recordaron con mucho amor y admiracion te quiere mucho y te admira tu madre Sandra

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