Social Projects

The role of a business in a community is to give and take, have respect for regional people and concerns, and consideration for the shared environment. In a developing country this role becomes increasingly more important. A business or industry can dramatically or positively transform its community and it can also swiftly inflict irreparable harm. We have therefore chosen to be involved with several projects and we see this as a very important part of our work; supporting children, animals, the environment and local initiatives.

We are involved in these social projects;


2 thoughts on “Social Projects

  1. Garance

    Hello, I’m planning a trip to Nicaragua soon and would really enjoy doing a little volunteer work particularly with animals or environmental, do you have any organization names for me? That would be very useful – thank you

  2. Hi Garance,

    Are you coming to León?
    You can check out Colibri Connection – a network that promotes volunteer work in León. They also have several of our projects on their list.
    In León its mostly in the abandoned zoo and the nature reserve you can work with animals.

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