Rigo’s Guest House, Las Peñitas

Formerly our grandparents beach house, has opened its doors and welcomes students, volunteers and tourists (National and International) for overnight stays or for just spending the day at the beach. Here you can enjoy the beach and making use of our facilities (hammocks, balcony, kitchen, bathrooms).

The house has 4 rooms; two with private bathroom and two dorms with shared bathroom/shower. The kitchen is spacious and has basic equipment. We have internet in the house, but the service at the beach is still quite slow.

Please talk to our staff if you are interested in renting surf boards or want a surf lesson. We can also arrange trips to the Isla Juan Venado Nature Reserve for you.

Rigo’s Guest House is located at Las Peñitas beach, about 20 minutes drive from León. The house is in walking distance to several bars, surf schools and restaurants.

It´s also posible to camp in tent, hammock or camping van.

For bookings contact us on journeynicaragua@gmail.com (Please use “Rigo´s Guest House” as subject). Or write us on Facebook “Rigo´s Guest House”.

Photos: Marthe Kalleklev


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