Isla Juan Venado Nature Reserve

Isla de Juan Venado Nature Reserve is the perfect introduction to the beauty of Nicaragua’s pristine mangrove forest ecosystems. By kayak or motor boat, swim and watch the many animal species that make this nature reserve their home.

Most frequently we visit Isla Juan Venado on four-hour trips. The starting time depends on the low tide, since wild life is more active near the main canal and increases the chances of spotting crocodiles. We also go on longer expeditions for those who wish a stronger paddling workout or camping trips to walk at night and visit the sea turtle nesting or watch a sea turtle laying eggs (depends on the season). Sadly, very few of these fantastic creatures will live long enough to complete a journey that has brought them to the Nicaraguan coast for millions of years.

Isla de Juan Venado Nature Reserve is very fragile; there is human populations in both the north and south ends, and a few poachers coming in at night from the east side. This has increased the probability of extinction of already endangered species. Journey Nicaragua together with The Monkey RepublicRigo’s Guest House, Búho Books, Barca de Oro together with the local community, will try to plant 5000 mangrove trees this season and support the community organised sea turtle hatchery in Las Penitas and Salinas Grande.

Please contact us on for a tailor-made tour that fits your time and wishes.

Photos: Marthe Kalleklev

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