Our Mission

We believe and hope that Eco-tourism will help our country to overcome the difficult economic situation we are going through, contribute in the struggle against poverty and reduce its impact in health and education by improving the living standards of our people. At the same responsible tourism will bring awareness of the importance of environmental protection and help to save species already in danger of extinction and prevent other from becoming so.

Our mission is divied in three different, but interrelated, parts:

Eco-Adventure Mission

To offer our best possible service for visitors to enjoy Nicaragua’s natural wonders, focusing more in the Maribios Volcanic Range and Coastal areas. We strive to include small farmers and fishermen as local guides in our hiking, kayak or camping journeys and to do our best to give the tourist a memorable time in Nicaragua.

Housing Lodging-Mission

Provide lodging for those who wish to stay in a colonial style home environment or an ecolodge in a dry tropical forest. We can recommend or book places for different kinds of budgets and wishes (Please see our favorite hostels).

Social Mission

To act whenever possible in our journeys, connecting children and families from the communities in our area with healthcare facilities, educational and environmental supporting projects. (See related projects and foundations that we support)

The role of a business in a community is to give and take, to respect regional people and their concerns, and be considerate of our shared environment. In a developing country this role becomes increasingly important. A business or industry can dramatically or positively transform its community and it can also swiftly inflict irreparable harm on it.

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