Children with cancer

Asosiación de Padres de niños con cancer y sobrevivientes de León (ASPANICASOLE) – The Association for parents with children with cancer and survivers in León is a small network of poor families in León that supports children that suffer from different types of cancer. This association supports the families with basic things like transport to the hospital in Managua, lunch costs and some medicine, that the families otherwise would not afford. They also help out with funeral costs. The network consists of more or less 52 families in the León area.

With the help of volunteers, students from Scandinavia and Kulturstudier we have organised several events to collect money for the association. In the last year we have also helped them build a “Jugoteca” where the children can come in the weekends to play and relax. This has been a dream that the leaders of ASPANICASOLE had for several years, and we are very happy that we could contribute to make this dream come true. We are also happy to see that it is running well and are open to volunteers to come there and help in the weekends. It is also posible to donate material to them as a way of helping. The Jugoteca opens on Sundays at 9am. 

If you are interested in supporting or volunteering with this association we can get you in contact with the representatives of ASPANICASOLE, or you can contact them directly at:

E-Mail: cancerleó

Facebook: ASPANICASOLE León Nicaragua

Tel: 2315 – 1638 / 89849185/ 88088142

Dir: Hotel Europa, 4 cuadras al este, 1 cuadra al sur

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