In this magical afternoon hike to Telica volcano you can see the nicaraguan nature at it´s best. After the sun sets over the volcanoes in west, and the dark comes over us, we can see the glowing red lava in the huge crater of the volcano. Telica is one of the few volcanoes in Nicaragua where you can actually see the lava.

The hike up to the crater takes about 45 minutes, so it is not a hard hike. Afterwards we walk down in the dark with flashlights.

Telica is located about one and a half hour drive from León. We usually depart at 14.00 and return at 21.00. It is also nice to camp on top of the volcano and see the sun rise in the morning.

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  1. Linn Jarvie

    I have 4 people now, looking to see if some more would like to join too. How much would it cost for less than 6, and what time do we leave León?

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