It was in this perfect cone and dry tropical forest where it all started.

Growing up in the farm without electricity or television, swimming and fishing in Lake Xolotlan or hiking was the best recreation for my Dad, his brother, cousins and friends. As a child I listened to many stories about Momotombo, from the times that Jaguars still existed in the area, and the lake was clean and abundant in wild life.

Nowadays it is our favorite volcano; the camping site is amazing and the hike to the summit is physically and emotionally challenging. The big cats are extinct, but with luck you can see an ocelot, a deer or listen to a coyote howling to the moon.

Join us on an exciting 24 hours hiking and camping expedition to Nicaragua’s most famous volcano.

Here is a video of one of our hikes to the top of Momotombo:

Photos: Rigo Sampson/Marthe Kalleklev

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